A Guide On How To Build Your Unique Wardrobe

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The new year is upon us, so now is the time to build your wardrobe. One thing we have learned from 2020 is to unapologetically be ourselves, so why not start with what we wear. Here is a guide that can help you to build your wardrobe that is just as unique as you are for the new year. 

Start with inspiration

We need to start somewhere when building our dream closet. So where do we start? Start with some fashion inspiration either from brands, celebrities or influencers you like. Go through their Instagram pages and see what they pair things with or how they style. The one thing we highly suggest when seeking inspiration is Pinterest. This platform is groomed for finding inspiration for anything, especially fashion. Build a board and start pinning any outfit or pieces you love. 

Search for statement pieces

Now that you have a base for your fashion inspiration, it’s time to search for those unique pieces that encapsulate you. Don’t go and spend thousands of dollars to find those eccentric designer pieces, there is no need unless you have the desire (and budget) to do so. There is a more cost-efficient way. By thrifting, you can find distinctive pieces to add to your wardrobe perhaps more easily than you would at mass retailers. Find those unique pieces you love, whatever they may be, and hold on to those because they will be your statement pieces to your outfits. 

Prints, colors, and so on

After you find those unique pieces that you completely love or were inspired to find, then you should start finding things to go with them. Pick things that you love, that compliment your unique finds, and what you think compliments you. Experiment with color and prints or loungewear mixed with business wear. Honestly, there are no limits! Pull in that reference guide and it can help you with pairing. 

Style range

Once you are gathering all those pieces together, you come to realize you are starting to channel in your overall style. There are many styles when it comes to fashion so don’t feel pigeonholed into just one. You can have a range of styles to represent who you are so don’t think you need to stick to that specific style or look. What is more important is that you feel confident in how you present yourself to the world while remaining flexible and playful within the ever evolving styles. Keep fashion trends as more like inspiration or your reference guide.

Accessory “go-to”

Finally, you have searched for inspiration, found those statement pieces, gathered more pieces to complete the look, and focused on your overall style. Now you are ready to have your accessory must-haves. Accessories are anywhere from jewelry to hats or bags. Finding your key accessories is up to you. Perhaps you find some function in your accessories that compliments the style. Most people refer to this as their accessory “go-to” that completes most of the outfits you have already acquired. 

Building your unique wardrobe may take some time but once you start going you usually can’t stop. This new year just be you, stay curious and everything will come into place, especially your wardrobe!

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