How To Care For Your Thrifted Clothes

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You’ve scored some thrifted gems, now what? Caring for your thrifted clothes is the next step after you bring them home to your unique wardrobe. You’ll find that you can wear and appreciate your thrifted clothing for years with a few mindful precautions. Ahead are tips and tricks to help you care for your thrifted clothes. 

Preventative Care

Try these following tips to prevent extra wear or deterioration:

Keeping your clothes away from the sunlight when you are not wearing them. The sun rays can damage clothing fibers.

Wash your hands before touching or wearing your clothes, because you can transfer oils and stain a piece (especially for any satin piece of clothing). 

Check the tags before you do any washing! Most pieces should say on the tag how to wash them. Most rayon, satin, and silk should be hand washed. If you don’t want items to shrink try either hand washing or doing a delicate wash on your washer setting. 

Use Gentle Detergent

When you find those vintage gems and they are truly older clothes, harsher chemicals and substances can take their toll. Try using a labeled gentler cleaner (especially those that don’t harm our environment) and if you can use a liquid detergent. If there is a stain on the piece try some spot treatment. By carefully damping the stained area with your cleaner of choice, (again try use those that don’t harm our environment) many of the stains will come out after you wash them the correct way. 

Hang Dry

To prolong the lives of clothing pieces you should hang them up after you wear them and after you wash them. Why? After you wear them it is great to hang them so they can air out and continue to be odor-free as much as possible. Also, after washing your clothing items hanging them up will decrease wrinkles, stop the shrinking, and decreases the use of heat on the clothing by not using a dryer (heat on clothing can break down the fibers and cause them to premature). If you hang up your pieces on a hanger, make sure that the collar of the shirt can gently be put on it. You don’t want to stretch out your piece by trying to put it on a larger hanger. 

To keep wearing your thrifted pieces for years to come, you should practice preventative care, correct washing, and hanging up your clothes. To keep adding to your unique wardrobe shop here at Revive Thrift Boutique where we make thrifting better by hand curating a selection of trendy yet affordable second-hand clothes and accessories for women, men, and children.