How To Travel In Style: Airport Outfit Ideas

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Remember traveling? Last year threw us a lot of curveballs, including suspending our typical travel plans until further notice. As the world is starting to open back up again, so are our travel plans. To help alleviate any extra travel anxiety, we are sharing a few ways to plan the next airport outfit that will have you boarding in comfort and style. 

We have curated some of our best tips for chic yet comfy airport wear:


Socks are a must-have because nobody wants to go barefoot through the airport when you have to remove your shoes. It also gets pretty cold on the airplane and by keeping your feet warm you be much more comfortable. 

Comfy Bottoms

Now, comfy bottoms don’t always mean you’re stuck with pajama bottoms. Leggings, tights, joggers, and some jeans are all flattering and pretty flexible. Since you’re going to be sitting for a long time, you don’t want to feel constricted. 


Layers can definitely make a difference for your plane ride. It provides a way for you to stay warm on your flight and be able to carry on more pieces. They can also help you go with the flow and handle unexpected weather when you arrive at your destination. 

Hair Accessory

Having a scrunchie, a claw clip, a cute hat, or a headscarf can help tame your hair the entire flight. This is an easy tip that helps you eliminate “bedhead” hair after a long flight. 

After considering these tips, how can we create an entire outfit? Here are some airport outfit ideas to consider:

The All-in-One Look

If you are not wanting to stress about pairing tops and bottoms altogether, instead try a jumpsuit. If you are wanting to layer more you can always add some cute joggers over and a cardigan or jacket. 

The Distressed Look

This is probably one of your most common outfits of choice that includes some comfy leggings, a vintage graphic tee, a cardigan, and sunglasses. Pair with sneakers or chunky boots that are easy to take off through security. Don’t forget to layer with either a shacket or a denim jacket. 

The Office Look

If you are traveling for work pairing a knit sweater with patterned work pants or head-to-toe classic black are the perfect options for you. Layer with a cardigan or blazer and add distinctive shoes.

The Loungewear Look

You can never go wrong with a stylish sweat set for your airport outfit. A way to dress it up is to layer it with a long shacket and accessories. 

The Day-to-Night Look

If it’s a very short flight or you’re going directly to an event, it’s favorable to dress classy. To stay comfortable on your flight, however, pack your heels in your carry-on and wear slip-on sneakers. 

These are just a few of many outfit inspirations and tips to consider. Prepare your airport outfits by shopping here at Revive Thrift Boutique where we make thrifting better by hand curating a selection of trendy and affordable second-hand clothes and accessories for women, men, and children.