How To Wear Crop Tops For Summer

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Make a statement this summer season by wearing crop tops. They aren’t just for teenagers anymore, they are for anyone that wants to spice up their wardrobe. Crop tops can be incredibly versatile, comfortable, and trendy. Even though they have been around for years these marvelous beauties are making a huge comeback. Ahead we are giving you some simple styling tips on how to wear a crop top for the summer season. 

Long Skirts and Crop Tops

A long skirt and crop top are a look you’ll be sure to love. This combination manages to stay sophisticated as well as casual. Since this pairing is so versatile you can wear it all day long even on those hot summer days. Pair with your favorite slip-on sandals or sneakers and you’re ready to go. 

High-Waisted Jeans and Crop Tops 

High-waisted jeans complement well with a variety of crop tops. This is a classic combination and can easily morph from a day to night look simply by swapping out shoes and accessories. For a daytime outfit, try a button-up crop top with vintage denim jeans and sneakers or for a date night outfit idea try that top with skinny jeans, high heels, and statement jewelry.  

Crop Tops Over Or Under Dresses

If you really want to embrace the energy of crop tops, try layering it with a dress. This can mean layering it over a dress to form some contrast to the dress shape. This easily converts a single outfit into a two-piece style. Or try layering the crop top underneath the dress to add more depth to the outfit. Try intertwining textures to add even more to this look. 

Shorts and Crop Tops

The classic summer look has always included shorts and crop tops. How to change it up you might ask? Well, try mixing up textures (like loungewear shorts) or opting into some longer high-waisted denim shorts. Pair with sneakers or your favorite sandals to complete the look. 

These are just a few of many styling tips and outfit inspirations to consider. If you don’t have some of these pieces, don’t sweat it! Finding these pieces can be made easy by shopping here at Revive Thrift Boutique where we make thrifting better by hand curating a selection of trendy and affordable second-hand clothes and accessories for women, men, and children.