Our Top 5 Activewear Must-Haves

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We are ready for the new year, which means we are ready to share some activewear must-haves for 2021. If you’re like the rest of us, we set new fitness and health goals every year. Whether you are sweating out at the gym or keeping yourself fit in your own home, make note of these five activewear trends that will keep you stylish all year long. 


Matching sets are making a huge stamp in the activewear world. Sets make it easier to coordinate your workout outfits without all the hassle to find pieces to match. The sets may include either a longline sports bra and leggings or a crop tank top and biker shorts. There are so many options, which is why sets are the best go-to.

Ultra-high waisted leggings

Low waisted leggings are no more and it is time to get yourself some ultra-high waisted. Besides a stylish look, the ultra-high waisted usually provides core support and overall tummy control. Having more coverage is also provided with these leggings making it easier to wear a matching longline sports bra or a crop top with the perfect balance of coverage. 

Hoodies + Sweatshirts

Last year gave us the ability to blur the line between activewear athleisure and traditional gym wear, specifically hoodies and sweatshirts. The great thing about these pieces is that you can wear them for many occasions. Now there is even a wider variety of pullovers to choose from whether they be for lounging in or to workout in. We love it when clothes can do double-duty and still be stylish. 

Longline Bras

The time for trying to find the right crop top is over because longline sports bras are here. Chest coverage can vary on anyone. But with longline bras, they tend to extend further down the ribcage than usual sports bras providing more coverage and support (yay!). Having longline bras are now a must-have as crop tops are slowly disappearing off the shelves. 


Bodysuits are back and here to stay in the activewear world. There are a wide variety of bodysuits for all shapes and sizes that are super comfortable as well as stylish. Take your bodysuit from running errands to the gym by adding some cute joggers on bottom or a hoodie on top. The best thing about bodysuits, is that you don’t need to coordinate an outfit. It is just one complete piece and you can go as is. 

One of the best things about activewear is that even if you don’t hit the gym every day, these trends can definitely pull double-duty by either wearing them for loungewear or streetwear. You will still be stylish and on-trend no matter where or why you wear them. Find these five must-haves here at Revive Thrift Boutique where we make thrifting better by hand curating a selection of trendy and affordable second-hand clothes and accessories for women, men, and children.