Our Top 5 Must-Have Summer Accessories

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Accessories are an essential part of your wardrobe. With the right accessories, they can elevate even the simplest of outfits, which is why it is so important to know the ins and outs of accessory trends this summer season. Ahead are five must-have accessories that can easily elevate your summer wardrobe. 

Clay Rings

These rings have been inspired by the past year of DIY projects. Chunky clay rings are everywhere and are an easy accessory go-to. These rings look best when paired with a multitude of other different colored rings as well as some fun nail art. 

Floral Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been a huge fashion trend this past year and why not change it up with summer with a cute floral pattern. Having a design on your hat and keep the colors light will give you a statement piece as well as protection from the hot summer sun. 

Chocolate Metallics

Are you ready to get into chocolate gold? We’ve seen rose gold and regular gold trends, but now your metallic jewelry will best resemble your favorite chocolate bar. The hue makes it look sleek and modern but also fun for how different it is. 

Net Bags

Tropical beachy materials like basket weaves and netting always emerge in the warmer months but don’t think net bags are just for the beach or pool. From everyday errands to night outs, net bags are stylish and practical. 

Tinted Sunglasses

Sunny days call for some shades. Tinted sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from the sun but they still let your eyes shine through. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. 

These five must-have summer accessories are just a few of our many favorites. Prepare your summer wardrobe by shopping these must-have pieces here at Revive Thrift Boutique where we make thrifting better by hand curating a selection of trendy and affordable second-hand clothes and accessories for women, men, and children.